Last night, 1,212 boys and their parents signed up to join the Cub Scouting program throughout the region! In the weeks ahead, we anticipate another 600-700 boys to sign up and participate in Cub Scouting! It’s not too late to sign up either. You can call 877-293-5011 toll free to find a local Cub Scout Pack near you.

Cub Scouting is much more than just another activity. It is a comprehensive youth development program for boys and families grades 1-5. Cubs learn new things, including social skills, earn badges, and spend quality time with their families! Ninety Six percent of surveyed parents said that Cub Scouting gave their son a sense of belonging, and ninety three percent of parents said that Cub Scouting helped their son develop new interests. Scholarships are available, and Scouting does not need to compete with sports. They CAN and should work hand in hand together. Cub Scouts learn the importance of helping other people, respect for others, and responsible citizenship. It’s about character building. It’s not too late. In fact, it is the RIGHT time to encourage your son, grandson, or neighbor to join Scouts. It can change their life!

Check out and click on the link for Mission family. It will be the only patch you can earn for your son! The Northern Lights Council is proudly a United Way agency.


2 thoughts on “1,212 Boys Join Cub Scouts Last Night!

  1. Ron
    September 18, 2009 at 11:17 am

    As a former Cub Scout and Boy Scout, I have to say the Scouting porgram was one of my favorite activities ever! Some of my best friends still today are guys I met in Scouting and through sports!

  2. Steve
    September 18, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    Those 1,212 boys are in for a treat!