When we talk to parents about spending time with their kids in Scouting, we like to use visual aids. Usually it’s a big paper ruler with 18 years listed across the paper. You know the same as a foot and a half! Most of the kids that come to our joining meetings are 7-8 years old. We tell the parents that most kids are home from 0-18 years. We tear off the first seven years of the paper ruler and say, these years are already gone. Now we have 11 years left. We tear off the years 13-18 and say that during these years, kids are more influenced by their peers than by their parents- This leaves just 5 years for parents to make a difference. This is just a plain fact. This has been on my mind as one of my sons came home this past week-end. He graduated from a local college this past year and works in the cities. That’s where he was offered a chance to work. I sure am glad we had plenty of time together from 0-18. Because the years flew by. Oh- In hindsight, I could have done more, spent more time, and now I just say- Man- Where did the years go.

Spend time with your kids- Hopefully in a great program like Scouts. But even if it’s not Scouts- spend time with your kids-Good time, quality time. Show and teach them the importance of giving back, and the importance of being truthful. Lead by example.

There’s a lot on everyone’s plates these days- but spending time with your kids is something that just shouldn’t take a back seat- At least- that’s the way I see it !

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