I opened a letter yesterday when I got home from work. Mom had her scissors out again and filled an envelope with all the newsletter clippings she KNEW would be of interest to me. She gets it right most of the time, but I do have to admit there are times that I don’t have a clue why she sent a particular article. Yesterdays clippings brought back a flood of memories about the days in my old troop in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. You see, there were 3 separate obituaries for Mr. Delonias, the Troop treasurer for over 20 years. Most Scouts wouldn’t remember the Troop Treasurer, but I did because his 2 sons, Leo and Duane were my Scout Masters. They loved to camp, cook in a dutch oven, and shared the importance of service. We camped once a month at Casper’s Christmas tree farm in Stacy, Minnesota. We would cut pine boughs from the bottoms of hundreds of mature pine trees and stack them creating habitat for the woods creatures. The Delonias family also lived the 12 point of the Scout Law, A Scout is Reverent. When we went camping, the smoked penetrated Catholic Scouts would get in the car late afternoon on Saturday to catch mass. As a good Lutheran kid, I slipped into the car more than once to check out what was so different about the Catholic service, as the rest of the troop stayed back and held a short service to worship and appreciate God’s great outdoors.

Ahh- Memories. The National Scouting Museum is preserving personal stories of Scoutings first 100 years. They want to hear yours too. DO you remember your Scoutmaster? Any brushes with heroism or danger ? What happened on your first camp out ? Share your memories. You can contact Gail Mayfield the assistant Curator at 800-303-3047 or gail.mayfield@scouting.org. She will send you recording equipment and you can record your stories and send it back postage paid ! Let’s celebrate our 100th Anniversary!

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