Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts just completed their annual popcorn fundraiser. Scouts sold Trail’s End Popcorn, described as ‘America’s Favorite Popcorn’ to help fund their unit’s annual program.

We are pleased to report the Boy Scouts again partnered this year with Trail’s End Popcorn, Support Our Military Troops Program that gives consumers the chance to donate $25 or $40 in addition to their regular popcorn purchase. Trail’s End ships the popcorn directly to active duty troops and their families. The Scouts wanted to help support those who are sacrificing so much to keep us safe. Thanks to the generosity of Scouting supporters who purchased popcorn this year, the Northern Lights Council shipped more than $55,000 worth of popcorn products overseas to help support the Military Troops compared to $32,175 in 2008.

When people purchase product or support the Military Troops Program they are supporting the local Scouting units across the Council. Scouts sell popcorn to raise money that is used for uniforms, camping trips and outings, or other expenses. The more popcorn a Scout sells, the more funds his unit will receive, and over 70 percent of the money raised stays in the local area. The Scouts also get prizes depending on the amount of popcorn that they sell.

For more information on Scouting or to order popcorn you can contact your local community Scout office or call the Northern Lights Council headquarters in Fargo.  You can also order your favorite popcorn treats on-line at

Scouting Builds: Character, Leadership, Achievement, Service to Others and Appreciation for the Outdoors.  Be a Scout!  Re-connect and re-engage with Scouting at   

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