During the month of October, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in almost every community across the Northern Lights Council will be selling Trail’s End Popcorn to finance their local Scouting programs.  Funds from the popcorn sale are used to provide camping opportunities, citizenship training and leadership development. 

The Scouts will be selling nine different products including chocolate lovers, cheese lovers, caramel corn, chocolate caramel crunch, microwave, and original popping corn. 

In addition, the Northern Lights Council has again partnered with Trail’s End Popcorn, Support Our Military Troops Program that gives consumers the chance to donate $40 or $25 in addition to their regular popcorn purchase.  Trail’s End ships the popcorn directly to active duty troops and their families.  The Scouts want to help support those who are sacrificing so much to keep us safe.  In 2009, the Northern Lights Council shipped $57,755 worth of popcorn overseas to help support the Military Troops thanks to the generosity of Scouting supporters who purchased popcorn.

Salute Scouting.  Buy popcorn when the Scouts call on you.  Scouting Builds:  Leadership, Character, Achievement, Service to Others, and Appreciation for the Outdoors.  www.nlcbsa.org

The Northern Lights Council covers the entire State of North Dakota, 18 counties in NW Minnesota and 2 counties each in South Dakota and Montana.  The Northern Lights Council is a United Way Agency.

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