The Boy Scouts of America was founded on the premise of doing a ‘Good Turn Daily’.  Community Service is very important in the character building process and, as Scouts, we have made the commitment to give back to our communities.

Over the last few weeks, many communities across our Northern Lights Council territory, the entire State of North Dakota, 18 Counties in Northwestern Minnesota and 2 counties each in South Dakota and Montana, have been impacted by flooding.  Scouts and volunteers across the Council have been giving back to these communities and helping fight the flood…thank you for your service and doing a good turn daily.

Flood waters run far and wide in our area and right now our Big 4 Scout Camp in Minot, ND has been inundated with water. Scouts and volunteers were called to service last Wednesday to save the camp and do what they could to try and limit the effect of the high water.  The Boy Scout pavilion building is surrounded by sandbags – more than 600 filled and placed in two hours.  The 100 year old cabin, the one that people have the fondest memories of, has at least 4 feet of water in it.  The campfire area, rifle range, and picnic areas are all under water. 

Attached are recent pictures from our Big 4 Scout Camp…water, water and more flood waters!  We will keep you posted on the clean-up efforts of the camp, once the water goes down.  Hopefully, the forecasted rain in the area will not put a damper on our camp clean up – camping season is right around the corner.

Have a great Scouting week!  Scouting builds leadership, character, achievement, service to others, and appreciation for the outdoors.

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