I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed summer!  Personally, I can testify that this was one of the best summers I have experienced.  When I travel around the Northern Lights Council, I always get asked “is summer a slow time for you? Or the opposite “are you able to slow down over the summer?”  My response is always the fact that Scouting never takes time off!  Perhaps you have seen this in the packs, troops, teams, crews or posts?

One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is the fact that I made it out to Camp Wilderness Boy Scout camp each week!  Some weeks my visit was short but others I was able to take time to talk with Scouts and adults about what makes Scouting fun.  Thank you to all of you who took time to talk with me and share your ideas.  We should all be proud of Camp Wilderness and the great staff that delivers awesome program.  We made some big decisions this year; one of them was adding a new pilot ATV program that is sure to be a hit for years to come!

We cannot forget Heart Butte Scout Reservation located on Lake Tschida that hosted a quality National Youth Leadership Training and Webelos Camp.  Also, we have invested many resources in Big 4 Camp near Minot with new equipment this summer as well.  Plus, throughout the summer we’ve had a lot of Scouts who have experienced ‘Leave No Trace’ camping at Tom Brantner Memorial Camp in Clay County, Minnesota.

As I write this I am finalizing another quarter of traveling to all ten geographic service districts that make up our quality Northern Lights Council.  I value the time to visit your area and hearing your success stories!

Please take the time to help us welcome over 1,500 new families that came into our larger Scouting families in September.  Because of great volunteer and staff teams, we are in the middle of one of the best fall recruitment drives in recent memory.  Thank you!

Let me finish by telling you about the popcorn sale.  Another council accomplishment to be proud of is the fact that our popcorn retail prices are not going up this year AND unit commissions and prizes are not decreasing, where else with inflation can we say that?  Thank you in advance for a wonderful sale.  And, for your information, the popcorn sale for session one is going on through October 22, 2013.

Like I said Scouting is year round and our communication never ends either.  Check out our Face book page at “Northern Lights Council,” our Twitter feed at @nlcbsa, our eNewsletter and our website.  Personally, feel free to connect with me on Twitter at @BSATravis or through my blog.  Also, please check out my most recent video blog.  Thanks again for your partnership and all you do for Scouting across the Northern Lights Council.

See you soon,


Travis Christopher
Scout Executive/CEO
Northern Lights Council, BSA

Serving more than 20,000 youth in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, Exploring and Learning for Life across the State of North Dakota, 18 counties in NW Minnesota and 2 counties each in South Dakota and Montana.  A United Way Agency.

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